Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miracle--Members and Missionaries Working Well Together

One of the things that I have enjoyed as we have begun our mission it to have the missionaries call me when they set a specific baptism date for one of their investigators.  The excitement that you feel from these wonderful missionaries brings absolute joy.

One of these calls that came last week from one of our dear sister missionaries.  She and her companion had been rather discouraged as they had received a call earlier in the day from one of their investigators letting them know that she needed to take a break from the lessons for a while.  This dear sister had a baptismal date set and they knew of the joy of the gospel would be delayed in her life.

Rather than wallowing in their discouragement, they received inspiration to invite an investigator to a Ward picnic activity at the park that afternoon.  They were completely surprised when she answered the phone and accepted their invitation.

While at the park, they saw a man sitting on a bench looking on curious at the events and activities.  They were prompted to go and speak with him but held back so that they could stay with the woman that they had invited to join them.  However, a few minutes later,  this gentleman approached them.  He asked if this was a church group and told them that he was interested in putting Christ back into his life.  The sisters with the assistance of the Ward Mission Leader, sat on the park bench and taught him the Message of the Restoration while the rest of the ward had a front row seat.  He loved the message, agreed to read the Book of Mormon and accepted their invitation to join them in church the next day.   He loved the meetings and a member in the ward invited him and the sister missionaries to their home for dinner.

Following dinner, they taught this good man again, this time in the members home where he felt the spirit again.  He accepted the invitation to be baptized on September 5, 2015.  The faith of this man to act upon the invitations offered by the missionaries has brought him great power and great joy. 

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  1. President and Sister Gardner,

    What a great idea for this blog. Now we can at least keep in touch by reading about your adventures.

    Our prayers are with you always.