Friday, August 21, 2015

Helping a Family Move Brings About a Miracle

Two weeks ago, two of our Elders were helping a family move from their home.  In doing so, they met a 16  year old young man that had also been enlisted to help this family move.  During the afternoon, our missionaries were able to share with this young man, information about what they do each day as missionaries.  He was impressed that they would leave their homes for 2 years to serve other people.  In the process of the move, the young man had to hurry and leave and the missionaries were disappointed that they had not obtained his contact information.

Yesterday, our missionaries had decided to do some street contacting.  The first door they knocked on was opened by this 16 year old young man.  He invited them into his home.  The missionaries taught him the message of the restoration and invited him to be baptized on September 19.  He accepted their invitation, is reading the Book of Mormon and has invited the missionaries back to teach him again with his entire family.

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